Do What You Pin: Cinnamon Chicken

Even though it’s the beginning of summer, I’ve been craving fall flavors for the past few days. I ate an entire full-size bag of vegetable chips the other night – not the healthiest way to fulfill a craving. Tonight I remembered that I recently pinned a recipe for cinnamon chicken from Paleo Diet Lifestyle, so I decided to make myself an autumn meal in May.

I started by putting together the rub for the chicken. I was cooking for one, so I only used three thighs, but I decided not to halve the rub – I really like cinnamon and garlic! I’m sometimes sensitive to onions, so I added an extra clove of garlic to the rub and omitted the onions from the recipe.


Once it was mixed together, the rub smelled surprisingly like applesauce. It inspired me to experiment with a savory garlic applesauce sometime soon – perhaps as a topping for potato pancakes.

Next, I covered the chicken thighs with the rub!


The chicken needs to sit in the seasoning for a bit, so I seized the opportunity to chop up some yam and pumpkin. Ovens here in Hong Kong aren’t typically included in kitchens, so I use a toaster oven instead. The veggies won’t fit at the same time as the chicken, so I quickly tossed them in coconut oil, salt, and pepper, and threw them into the oven to roast while the chicken soaked up the cinnamon goodness. I like pumpkin best when it’s sautéed in butter, but for the sake of time and health, I decided coconut oil would be tonight’s method. While the veggies cooked, I ran down the hall to throw in a load of laundry. Multitasking!


Once the veggies were done, I took them out and put in the chicken. I fought the urge to take the chicken out as soon as it was cooked through because I wanted the skin to get extra crispy. I took the advice of the recipe and added a little water to the pan toward the end to keep everything moist.


Voila! Autumn on a plate! The meal was delicious and a great way to fill up if you’re on the paleo diet but need some healthy carbs. I’m not paleo, but I try to eat at least one paleo meal a day as training for the Whole30 I’d like to do soon.

I love making the recipes I pin!  It feels like checking something off of a seriously fun to-do list. If you’d like to try the meal for yourself, check out the recipe here, or you can check out other recipes I’ve pinned.

What seasonal favorites do you enjoy year-round?

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