Summer Satchel

I like designer bags. I’m a firm believer that when you wear inexpensive clothes like I do (Forever 21 and Cotton On are my favorite cheapies, Zara is my pick if I feel like splurging a little), carrying a quality, branded handbag brings up the visual price point of the entire outfit. Many of the clothes from these stores are more or less knockoffs of more expensive brands, and if people see that you’re carrying a nice bag, it seems like more of a possibility that you bought your dress at the real store, as opposed to, say, Target.

Because of my penchant for designer bags, and because I’m not made of money, I only get a new bag about once a year. I stick to neutral colors that work well year round, and if I can pull it off, I ask for the bag for Christmas or my birthday so I don’t even have to pay for it myself. I’m only being honest! And finally, as a general rule, I don’t buy cheap bags – ever. I view them as a distraction from the goal – saving up for the real thing.

I can hardly believe it, but today I broke my rule. On a trip to Forever 21 to find a few pieces for my upcoming trip to Shanghai (packing post to come soon!), I happened upon this cute little satchel and just couldn’t pull myself away.


I picked it up and put it back down. Picked it up again and slung it over my shoulder in the mirror. Put it down and walked away. Tried on some clothes. Walked back over and started examining the pockets inside. Put it down again and walked away.

And then I went back.

I LOVE THIS BAG. It’s adorable. Fresh. The perfect size for my new resolution to stop carrying a purse so heavy it destroys my hard-earned alignment (Pilates is no joke!). It doesn’t look expensive, but it’s summer in Hong Kong, and everyone is drenched in sweat anyway.

Best yet, it only cost $179 HK ($23 USD), so it barely even leaves a dent in the fund for the bag I daydream of.

20130601-090729.jpgAnd since that fund is imaginary (I will never be able to afford this bag.), I can rest assured that no damage has been done.

What are your favorite items to splurge or save on?

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