Summer Wardrobe Update!

I buy single items of clothing fairly often, but about once a season I allow myself to go on a shopping spree. I stick to inexpensive stores, so the sprees rarely total much over $100 USD, but I come home with several pieces to update my wardrobe. I usually go knowing exactly what I’m looking for and then end up being surprised by a few items as well.

I went on my summer shopping spree this weekend! I bought seven pieces and the entire haul only set me back $668 HKD ($85 USD), which I consider a major success. Let’s take a look at what I bought!


I started at Forever 21. This top is one of the items I set out to buy when I decided to go shopping. The tie in the front reminds me so much of my childhood clothes from the early ’90s. I was expecting to find a basic white version, but got an extra bonus with the metal detail on the collar.

The polka dot shorts are something I never expected to buy – I used to hate polka dots! I’ve seen a few polka dot pieces I really liked recently, so I decided to give them a try. The turquoise color definitely helped to win me over – such a fun summery shade! I can’t wait to wear this on my upcoming trip to Shanghai! The perfect outfit for a fashionable tourist.

I’ve been lusting after necklaces like this pink one for a while now. When I realized how adorable it would look with the turquoise polka dot shorts, I was sold. I find long necklaces to be super useful because they can make an extremely casual outfit (think jeans and a plain gray t-shirt) look well thought out. This white and blue one will go well with many of the clothes already in my closet.

My final piece from Forever 21 was the small satchel I shared here. I just love this little guy!

I still wanted to find a short, flirty skirt and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I decided to take my search to Cotton On, where I had seen skirts that fit that description a few months ago.

Lo and behold, they still had the skirts I had seen earlier, now marked down to $49 HKD ($6 USD) a piece! What a deal! The colors are more obvious choices for winter, but I think they’ll work splendidly year round. I bought two!

I hope you enjoyed surveying my latest wardrobe update! What new pieces do you want to add to your wardrobe this summer?

3 thoughts on “Summer Wardrobe Update!

    • Isn’t it great? The crazy thing is I’ve wanted this bed for years, but it actually came with my boyfriend’s furnished apartment. I guess that means we were meant to be, haha.

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