Creamy Apple Carob Smoothie

My beloved blender is back! I had to take him in for repairs last week after an ill-fated attempt at homemade nut butter. I won’t be trying that again until I have a Vitamix!

Here he is, freshly washed and ready to get to work!

In honor of his glorious return, here is one of my favorite smoothie recipes – my Creamy Apple Carob Smoothie.

Creamy Apple Carob Smoothie
170 grams Greek yogurt
Red apple of choice (I used Royal Gala)
Carob powder to taste
Milk to taste
Ground cinnamon

Chop up your apple and put into the blender with yogurt, carob, and a splash of milk. Blend away! After the apples are fully blended, you can add more milk or ice if you want your smoothie to have a thinner consistency. Pour your smoothie into a glass and top with ground cinnamon.

Happy drinking!

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