Traveling with Food Intolerances – My Shanghai Food Kit!

My parents are visiting me in Hong Kong, and we’re on our way to Shanghai for the weekend! A year ago, I would have been so exited to try all the delicious Shanghainese food, but now I’ll have to soak in the culture in other ways. When I first developed my food intolerances, I thought travel was ruined for me, but I’ve since been to the Philippines and Japan and have learned that with a little planning, travel can still be rewarding and fun!

The first step in making a food plan for the trip was selecting a hotel with a large international breakfast buffet. Filling up on eggs, bacon, and rice is a great way to start the day without compromising my diet.

We’ll only be in Shanghai for two nights, so I didn’t bother to find a hotel room with a kitchenette, but for longer trips in countries without allergy-friendly options, having the ability to cook your own food can be a real lifesaver.

It won’t be difficult to find restaurants with salads and steak in Shanghai, but just in case I find myself hungry with no options, I’m bringing a kit of safe foods. Here’s a photo of what I included:

Almonds and cashews are both calorie and nutrient dense ways to fill up, and super easy to throw in a bag and eat on the go. Cans of tuna with pull tabs eliminate the need for a can opener and come in handy if you find yourself unable to find meat dishes that work with your allergies.This Apple Cinnamon Granola by Go Raw is gluten free and sugar free. I can eat it on its own, or pour some milk over it for a more filling meal. Finally, I’m bringing along four Lara Bars. If you haven’t tried them, Lara Bars are an amazing paleo-friendly snack bar made entirely of nuts, dried fruit, and healthy oil. No artificial ingredients here!

I can’t wait to check out the Shanghai sights!

What are your favorite tips for healthy travel?

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