Do What You Pin: Paleo Meatloaf

I felt like meatloaf tonight, so I pulled up a recipe I pinned a while ago for a paleo meatloaf. I was attracted to the recipe because it is gluten and tomato free.

Putting it together was extremely simple. I mixed ground beef, almond meal, egg, onion, garlic, parsley, sage, milk, salt and pepper. The original recipe called for coconut milk, but I only had the cow variety so I went with that.

I mixed it all together with my hands and formed it into a loaf.

Since I halved the original recipe, I decided to halve the cooking time as well. In retrospect, I should have taken off even more time, as my oven has no temperature settings and was probably hotter than the recommended 350. Visually, it turned out okay. I served it with some sautéed spinach.

Although the flavors were perfect (the parsley and sage go so well with the beef!), the meatloaf was very dry. Tomatoes add quite a bit of moisture to meatloaf. I sometimes make a roasted red pepper sauce that is a great substitute for tomato sauce, so next time around I will probably go for a more classic recipe.

Not every Pinterest find can be a great success, but I’m always glad to improve my skills by trying out new recipes. Here’s to better luck next time!

As always, you can check out what I’ve pinned here.

3 thoughts on “Do What You Pin: Paleo Meatloaf

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