Fresh Design at M on the Bund

I’ve been really intrigued by design lately. Perhaps living in a furnished apartment has finally made me cry out for things that look the way I want them to look. When I was in Shanghai this weekend, my parents and I went to brunch at M on the Bund. The food is European with some Moroccan influences, and I thought that was reflected so well in the menu and tableware. Moroccan influenced design has always been a favorite of mine!

I suspected I was in for a treat when I saw the front of the menu…
…and I was right! So whimsical!20130612-085934.jpg
This teacup is so romantic, yet fresh.
20130612-090041.jpgThe set that came with my mom’s coffee was my favorite. It made me want to sit at the table all afternoon and just relax!
There were little postcards and promotional materials everywhere! Our waiter told us that the owner is a designer and created the menu and other designs for the restaurant. What I would give to be able to create things like that!

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