My Go-To Dinner

Food blogs are great, with their beautiful pictures of complicated meals. They often skirt over an important topic though – what do healthy people eat when they aren’t taking pictures of their food? What are the easy, go-t0 meals that they throw in the oven after a long day at work, or when they’re exhausted from a streneous workout and don’t feel like putting in a lot of effort?

To many of you, the answers to these questions seem obvious, but if you’re just beginning your healthy journey, you may have some questions. To clear things up, here is an overview of my most common dinner – salmon with a veggie and a grain. I have some variation of this 2-3 times a week, usually twice for dinner and once for lunch.

I start by getting my grain cooking. Tonight I made millet because I love how sweet and creamy it is. On other nights I might make quinoa or brown rice, or substitute a sweet potato for the grain. I lightly toasted the millet in some butter and added a little more than two parts water once the millet became fragrant. Once it started boiling, I covered it up, turned down the heat, and turned my attention to the other parts of my meal.

20130612-200552.jpgMy vegetable for tonight is asparagus. There are a few veggies that I feel go really well with salmon, namely asparagus, carrots, and broccoli. I trimmed the bottom of the asparagus and put it on the baking tray, coating it with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I stuck it in the oven and moved on to the salmon.

20130612-200535.jpgI like to change things up by seasoning the salmon in different ways. Tonight I went with olive oil, cumin, ground coriander, and dill. I also enjoy parsley, dill, and lemon for a fresh, light taste and honey and garlic when I’m feeling indulgent. Regardless of the seasoning, I always start with a little salt and pepper.

20130612-200635.jpgTonight, I added some frozen peas to the millet a couple minutes before it finished cooking. There’s no good reason not to add extra veggies to your meal!

20130612-200653.jpgFor dessert I had a glass of milk and a handful (or three handfuls ;)) of unsweetened carob chips.

What are your go-to meals?

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