Hooray for the weekend!

Nick is back in Hong Kong after a trip to the US, and we were happy to spend a weekend together. We made the most out of his jet lag with an early morning pancake feast!

20130622-142205.jpgI used King Arthur Flour’s Gluten Free Pancake Mix, and I definitely recommend it. Nick said he couldn’t tell they were gluten free and actually preferred them to many regular pancake mixes. Win! I made two different types – banana with maple syrup and plain with the blueberry sauce I learned to make earlier in the week. Look out for more banana recipes in the near future, as I just discovered my banana allergy has somehow disappeared. Such happy news!

In the early afternoon we went to a dragon boat festival some of my friends were competing in. They placed second in their heat, so hopefully they’ll be rowing toward the finish line in the finals tomorrow!

We finished off the day by seeing Iron Man 3 (oddly, this was my suggestion, not Nick’s) and heading to Cicada, one of our favorite tapas spots, for dinner. As we were chowing down on one of my favorite dishes, Coconut Shiitake Risotto Balls, I realized that I can probably replicate them at home fairly easily! Look out for my attempt in the coming days!

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend as much as we are!

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