Cooking for the Family…and a Trip to Macau!

Today was my brother and sister’s second day in Hong Kong and we had another day jam-packed with activities! We started with a walk along the Ping Shan Heritage Trail which runs through some of the old villages nearby where I live in Tin Shui Wai. I love that these ancient structures are so near the modern high-rises of my town!

Some of the buildings had really beautiful carvings and painted woodwork inside. I would love to incorporate elements of these designs into my home someday.

After our morning stroll, I whipped up a quick lunch. I love having the chance to cook for my siblings family-style! I’m also enjoying feeding them my super-healthy food; I guess like trying to convert people to my way of life. 😉

I made regular chicken, avocado, and spinach sandwiches for the two of them, but put my sandwich filling in a red pepper instead. It’s such an easy way to put together a meal when only some of the diners are gluten-free.

After lunch, we headed to Macau where we did some sightseeing and went to Fernando’s, one of my all-time favorite restaurants. It’s a super casual Portuguese eatery with generous helpings of messy, delicious food. They have their own garden in mainland China where they grow all of the veggies used in the restaurant. You can tell from the taste that a lot of care is taken at every step from the garden to the table.

We are totally beat from our day as tourists! I’ll definitely be sleeping well tonight. Until next time!

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