Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July! Growing up, this was one of my favorite holidays. I always put on a performance for (and starring) my family, full of patriotic songs and culminating in a parade around our driveway. In the picture below, I’m the one waving the top hat in the air. (Not much has changed.)

July 4th

My friends and I celebrated Independence Day a day early with a junk boat trip to Lamma Island. The trip included lots of food, but with my intolerances, I decided to bring something along just in case. I made this quinoa salad with stuff I had in my fridge and pantry: avocado, carrot, spinach, sunflower seeds, lemon, and olive oil.

20130703-092136.jpgI didn’t really end up needing it, which was a pleasant surprise. I tried to keep the day as allergy-friendly as possible by sticking to vodka water as my drink of choice. The plan worked pretty well! The only pain I was dealing with at the end of the day was from sunburn – and it was totally worth it for the amount of fun I had.

Here are some pictures from the outing!





2 thoughts on “Happy 4th!

  1. Looks like you had a terrific 4th of July celebration. I am making a holiday feast for the family this year after many years off. On this years menu, Tyler Florence’s oven roasted pulled pork sandwiches with a spicy slaw garnish, corn on the cob, fruit and Nana is bringing shrimp salad. Dessert is a blackberry cobbler. Sadly, there is no big show or parade.

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