The Dreaded A-Word

I had to do something today that I really didn’t want to do: start a two week course of antibiotics. The good news is there’s a small chance the medicine will help with some of the chronic health issues I’ve been dealing with for the past year. If there’s even a small chance, I figure it’s worth a try, so I’m going for it.

The bad news is this is happening after I’ve worked with a naturopath for five months to undo some of the damage that antibiotics have caused me in the past. I’ve had a ton of success with a sugar-free diet and a new supplement regimen and I don’t want the next two weeks to throw me totally off track!

In order to go into this process as informed as possible, I’ve done a little bit of research on how I can stay healthy while taking antibiotics. This article over at Whole9 gives a great run-down on probiotics and how and why to take them. I’ll definitely be keeping up with my probiotic regimen over the next two weeks and beyond.

Whole9 also happens to be the site behind the Whole30 program, in which you follow a very strict version of the Paleo diet for a month. I am considering doing my first Whole30 to help combat the negative effects of the antibiotics. Apparently the medicine has pretty severe gastrointestinal side effects, so I am starting off on the Whole30 plan today, but may end up postponing it if I find it difficult to stomach the type of food I need to eat while on the medicine.

Even more important than keeping my body in balance though, is keeping my mind in balance. The chances of this new strategy working are slim, and I don’t want to feel too disappointed if it doesn’t work, especially after I’ve done such a great job getting used to my new lifestyle. And if it does work – well – I’ll certainly go back to eating oranges, tomato sauce, chocolate and tons of other foods that I currently have to steer clear of, but I hope I’d have the willpower to stay away from all of the processed food I’ve learned to avoid over the past several months.

As I go through the next two weeks, I’ll continue to post as usual and share my life with you, but in the back of my head I’ll probably spend a lot of time wondering whether the treatment is working. Good vibes, prayers, wishes – whatever you have to offer is much appreciated. Regardless of how this turns out, it will be just another step along the path of a fulfilling life.

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