The View from Up Here


Here are a couple of photos from yesterday’s activities with the family! We went up to Victoria Peak yesterday to soak in the views and have lunch at The Peak Lookout. Although I find the food to be somewhat average, I love the sophisticated, yet relaxed feel of the restaurant- it seems a million miles away from the tourist madness right outside.

20130630-212742.jpgBefore we got a view from above, however, we took the Star Ferry across the harbor and soaked in the skyline from a lower angle. No matter how many times I take that trip, it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful Hong Kong is when the weather is nice.

Today I took them for dim sum and brought them to work with me! My family went to Walt Disney World so often growing up and it’s always fun to explore a Disney park with them.

We’re completely exhausted and sure to get a great night’s sleep. Till next time!

Cooking for the Family…and a Trip to Macau!

Today was my brother and sister’s second day in Hong Kong and we had another day jam-packed with activities! We started with a walk along the Ping Shan Heritage Trail which runs through some of the old villages nearby where I live in Tin Shui Wai. I love that these ancient structures are so near the modern high-rises of my town!

Some of the buildings had really beautiful carvings and painted woodwork inside. I would love to incorporate elements of these designs into my home someday.

After our morning stroll, I whipped up a quick lunch. I love having the chance to cook for my siblings family-style! I’m also enjoying feeding them my super-healthy food; I guess like trying to convert people to my way of life. 😉

I made regular chicken, avocado, and spinach sandwiches for the two of them, but put my sandwich filling in a red pepper instead. It’s such an easy way to put together a meal when only some of the diners are gluten-free.

After lunch, we headed to Macau where we did some sightseeing and went to Fernando’s, one of my all-time favorite restaurants. It’s a super casual Portuguese eatery with generous helpings of messy, delicious food. They have their own garden in mainland China where they grow all of the veggies used in the restaurant. You can tell from the taste that a lot of care is taken at every step from the garden to the table.

We are totally beat from our day as tourists! I’ll definitely be sleeping well tonight. Until next time!

Sibling Visit!

My brother and sister are in Hong Kong! They had a busy day of sightseeing at Ngong Ping while I was at work and we reunited in the afternoon for a trip to the Ladies’ Market in Mong Kok, a foot massage, and a delicious Vietnamese dinner at Nha Trang.

This Banh Xeo, an omelet filled with a delicious mixture of pork, prawns, onion, bean sprouts and more, is one of my favorite dishes. Before you eat you wrap it all up in a lettuce leaf with cucumber and mint. Amazing! Definitely a dish I want to make at home soon.

We don’t have any pictures together yet because being a tourist in the HK summer weather doesn’t allow for staying very composed. 😉 I’ll be sure to snap some tomorrow before we’re too drenched with sweat!

I’m gonna go enjoy my siblings’ company! See you tomorrow!

Hooray for the weekend!

Nick is back in Hong Kong after a trip to the US, and we were happy to spend a weekend together. We made the most out of his jet lag with an early morning pancake feast!

20130622-142205.jpgI used King Arthur Flour’s Gluten Free Pancake Mix, and I definitely recommend it. Nick said he couldn’t tell they were gluten free and actually preferred them to many regular pancake mixes. Win! I made two different types – banana with maple syrup and plain with the blueberry sauce I learned to make earlier in the week. Look out for more banana recipes in the near future, as I just discovered my banana allergy has somehow disappeared. Such happy news!

In the early afternoon we went to a dragon boat festival some of my friends were competing in. They placed second in their heat, so hopefully they’ll be rowing toward the finish line in the finals tomorrow!

We finished off the day by seeing Iron Man 3 (oddly, this was my suggestion, not Nick’s) and heading to Cicada, one of our favorite tapas spots, for dinner. As we were chowing down on one of my favorite dishes, Coconut Shiitake Risotto Balls, I realized that I can probably replicate them at home fairly easily! Look out for my attempt in the coming days!

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend as much as we are!

Fresh Design at M on the Bund

I’ve been really intrigued by design lately. Perhaps living in a furnished apartment has finally made me cry out for things that look the way I want them to look. When I was in Shanghai this weekend, my parents and I went to brunch at M on the Bund. The food is European with some Moroccan influences, and I thought that was reflected so well in the menu and tableware. Moroccan influenced design has always been a favorite of mine!

I suspected I was in for a treat when I saw the front of the menu…
…and I was right! So whimsical!20130612-085934.jpg
This teacup is so romantic, yet fresh.
20130612-090041.jpgThe set that came with my mom’s coffee was my favorite. It made me want to sit at the table all afternoon and just relax!
There were little postcards and promotional materials everywhere! Our waiter told us that the owner is a designer and created the menu and other designs for the restaurant. What I would give to be able to create things like that!